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Density USA was born from a conversation between one of our founders and a colleague in the EU. For many years now, these intrusion deterrents have been implemented throughout the EU and Australia. Their popularity has soared due to their ease of use and highly effective deterrent solution. Different from alarm systems that simply alert you of the intrusion, dependent on law enforcement response times, fogging systems deter theft before it occurs by creating a near zero-visibility environment. Simply put, intruders can’t steal what they can’t see!

Recognizing the obvious advantages of this elegant solution to ever-growing crime, rioters, and looters, we’ve embarked to bring this technology to the United States as a means of protecting your property from unwanted intrusions. While the average time for a theft to be completed is four minutes, the average law enforcement response time is six minutes. Implementing a fogging system to deter such illegal activities takes the advantage out of the criminal’s hands and puts the security of your property firmly under your control.

With the annual rate of dollars in the billions lost to intrusions (burglary, riots, and looting) the Density System is the unique advantage to actively repelling the intruders instead of simply alerting authorities to the intrusion. Our innovative solution offers you complete remote control of the system, and you can rest easy knowing that the Density System is always ready to challenge would-be intruders with a sudden zero-visibility environment.


Our mission is to provide an industry-leading anti-intrusion solution for our clients by delivering cutting edge, unparrelled dry fog solutions for securing what matters most to our clients.


If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule an appointment for a system consultation, please contact us today. Installing your Density System now can help prevent tomorrow’s theft.

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