February 27, 2023


Mike Egel, President

Density USA

DensityUSA Announces Chicago-Based Skynet Security Systems as New Distributor for Revolutionary Security Fogging System

SAINT LOUIS – Today, DensityUSA founder Scott Bader announced that Chicago-based Skynet Security Systems has agreed to distribute, service, and install DensityUSA’s revolutionary security fogging system.

“Unlike audible alarms that allow plenty of time for criminals to act before law enforcement arrives, our security foggers are an active deterrent, preventing criminals from seeing right in front of their eyes and stopping crime before it happens,” said Bader.

“We see our partnership with DensityUSA as a compliment to the security services we currently provide. Cameras and alarms are part of the security mix, but adding the DensityUSA fogging system as an immediate threat deterrent to our lineup will provide unparalleled protection for our current and future clients,” said Brian Callahan, Senior Sales Manager at Skynet Security Systems.

“We’re proud to partner with Skynet to deliver a powerful security solution to their industrial, commercial, and multi-family systems’ clients. DensityUSA is already making a difference in people’s lives, and we look forward to working with additional distributors throughout the country to bring this important technology to more and more companies,” Bader continued.

Founded in in 2021, DensityUSA provides the fastest, most efficient fog deployment system available to business owners in the U.S. The foggers create a near zero-visibility environment in seconds, ensuring that intruders can’t steal what they can’t see.

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DensityUSA is a security fog company based in St. Louis, Missouri, that provides industry-leading, anti-intrusion solutions for clients across the United States and Canada. By delivering cutting edge, unparalleled dry fog solutions, DensityUSA helps secure what matters most.

While many potential thieves are accustomed to traditional security systems and have learned how to evade them, DensityUSA can stop crime before it happens. Once activated, DensityUSA’s system creates a dense fog with near-zero visibility conditions in just seconds. The dense fog is designed to disorient an intruder and prevent them from following through on their intentions.

DensityUSA’s “ActiveCloud” integration allows the system to be managed remotely – including monitoring, arming, and activating the system. The system can sync directly with existing alarm systems to provide a safe, 24/7 solution.

“You can’t steal what you can’t see!”

Skynet Security is a leading industrial, commercial, and large apartment/condo complexes security systems integrator. Skynet’s full-service approach provides customers with the confidence that they will be supported around the clock with the same dedicated and proactive team from start to finish.

Skynet performs camera installations, access control, burglar alarms, fire systems, motion and vap sensors and build custom servers to support these systems. Skynet can integrate multiple systems into one, reliable, user-friendly system.

Skynet is committed to the Security of the Facilities, Employees and Assets of businesses across Chicagoland and beyond. They offer service plans, onsite service for their systems and other brands, and consultation.