As the former Chief of Police of Overland, Missouri and former Chief of Safety and Security for Parkway School District, I strongly endorse the DensityUSA Fogging System to protect businesses across the country. My career in law enforcement spans over forty years. I consider the Density Security Fogger one of the most innovative products I have ever seen to virtually stop theft! It is non-lethal and safe for people and inventory!

In use in Europe for well over ten years, the Density Foggers are protecting the UK Postal system with over 1100 installations in addition to thousands of retail shops like jewelry stores, convenience stores, and even grocery stores. Density Fogging products are used in thousands of other locations across thirty-five countries including Italy, Spain, France Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia to name a few. In all of these countries the Police and Fire Departments have become strong proponents of Density to protect business, and lives.

Chief Jim Herron
Chief of Police (Retired)
Overland, Missouri 63114